Episode 000 – Pilot Episode

Free spreadsheet programs to replace to Microsoft Excel

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This is a test run to check for how long (minutes) the podcast will run, what content we will have in the podcast. We over did it on the Revenue Commissioners updates in this first test run, but we are learning!


In this podcast:

  • What to expect in future podcasts
  • We talk about new information issued by the Revenue Commissioners
  • Free spreadsheet programs to replace to Microsoft Excel
  • Tell us what you like and dislike about bookkeeping software
  • Online Bookkeeping software to try out
  • Questions and answers

Host: Nilsson Denver

Links mentioned in this podcast

ROS Website new link


RCT35 Specimen form


Revenue Commissioners e-Brief No.10/07


Tax Briefing No. 82: “Individuals described as ‘locums’ engaged in the fields of medicine, health care and pharmacy”


Online Bookkeeping software from an Irish Company


1 comment to Episode 000 – Pilot Episode

  • Hi Nilsson

    Very good, well presented, interesting and informative. My omnly suggestion would be to have smaller podcasts, say per topic. I like where you’re going!

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