IBAPP #020 – News – 9th July 2010

In this weeks Bookkeeping Podcast news episode

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Revenue Commissioners eBriefs

eBrief No. 46/2010: Agents ROS PAYE Service

eBrief No. 50/2010: Proposed Extension of Mandatory E-Filing/Payment. Consultation Document.

Proposed Extension of Mandatory E-Filing/Payment in 3 Further Phases – from 2011 to 2013.

To register as the Agent for a PAYE taxpayer, please refer to Revenue eBrief No 40/2010 for further details.

Tax Returns due this month

The UK has already announced an end-date for cheques in 2018

Software Updates & Security

Firefox now at 3.6.6

Adobe Reader at 9.3.3

Run Windows Update on Tuesday 13th July for important updates

Bookkeepers Ireland

The pre-launch of a Magazine for Bookkeepers – Bookkeepers Ireland

Get a copy of Bookkeepers Ireland Magazine here or email for a printed version

Bookkeepers Ireland Facebook Page

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