IBAPP #018 – News – 25th June 2010

In this weeks Bookkeeping Podcast news episode

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Revenue Commissioners eBriefs

No bookkeeping or payroll related eBriefs this week

Tax Returns due this month

ODCE Information Notice I/2010/2
Printing of Directors’ Names on Company Letterhead

Clarification on requirements for printing directors names on letterheads

UK VAT Rate is going from 17.5% to 20% from January 4th 2011

On Exchange rates, make sure you are using realistic sterling and US Dollar rates

Software Updates & Security

Firefox now at 3.6.4 (3.6.6 update on saturday 25th)

Security roundup
Outlook Express (not full Microsoft Outlook) this is out of date you should be running Windows Live mail its replacement
Flash 10.1 is the latest version
Internet Explorer 8 (they are developing Internet Explorer 9 at the moment
Safari 5 (only out a few weeks)
Chrome 5.0.375.86 (only out this week)
Run Windows Update
Amazon Order hoax Emails

Bookkeepers Ireland

Bookkeepers Ireland Facebook Page

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